let the friendship end.
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Staring at a page, my cup’s half-imbibed. Too timid to scrawl scathing scratches inside,
By graphomaniac https://www.reddit.com/r/...

let the friendship end.

by graphomaniac

Staring at a page, my cup’s half-imbibed.

Too timid to scrawl scathing scratches inside,

used to the wry itch my tongue and teeth slide,

embarked on words that’d seem wasteful to provide,

all the notes I left swirling, embers that expired

Proverbial drops in the bucket

because my tepid mind throws the pen and says, "fuck it."

Have a lark. Have a heart.

I've only got a swiveling chair in the dark.

I try to fix the world from a dim little cave

and my efforts are all bitterly made.

I've got no power,

no heat,

no calmness to speak,

no resolve here to leave,

so render this deep:

I am irrelevant in the scheme of a dream.

I am a current that ebbs in the stream.

I am a worry that wrinkles your face,

a smile line, a crow's foot, which you wear in grace.

I lift you up in exaltation behind harshly whispered stretches,

I find beauty where you only see wretches.

Try to point out that you are worth so much more,

But what do I have to put myself down to do that for?

Do I believe it's the easiest way to get my point across?

Would the impact be lesser if I left out the lost?

I'm sorry to question and pry and intrude

but this is a lesson that’s too important to elude.

I denied your inquisition and barbs were shown the door.

Easier access was given to songs I wanted more.

I sing them to replace everything I'm aching.

Everything you remind me of,

The mistakes - to this day- I'm still making.

Moving forward is haltingly done.

Both, in that I don't want it sometimes

and I think it's no fun.

But it is the only way out of this conundrum.

It's never been your fault

It was never your crime

I stacked the deck before I ever called you mine.

I’ll let the friendship end, it’s dragged on too long

Both of us pointing fingers at every wrong

I wish it weren't like this

but, ***fuck me***, I guess.

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