Let Me Tell You a Tale
Let Me Tell You a Tale evie/harry hook stories

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short story by heartsfate adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Let Me Tell You a Tale

Although she is the epitome of a fairytale princess, not once had she ever spun in circles. It is a pointless action and not very dignified for an up and coming ruler.

Yet here she stands under the protection of her pink and blue umbrella, watching Evie in the pouring rain.

The VK has her arms extended while she spun round and round, peals of laughter escaping her not caring that she is soaked from head to toe.

“You’re going to get sick, you know,” Audrey states.

Evie pauses, a large smile gracing her lips. She brushes away some hair from her face and extends a hand to the other girl.

“Join me?” She laughs at the scandalized expression that crosses Audrey’s face. “Come on,” her finger wriggle invitingly, “it’s so much fun!”

“That’s such a childish thing to do.”

“Live a little, Princess.”

Evie rushes forward, grabbing Audrey’s arm. With a reassuring smile, she pries the princess's’ hand from the umbrella and lets it drop to the ground.

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