Let Me Tell You A Story
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Let Me Tell You A Story

Theme: “Let Me Tell You A Story”

Summary: Why couldn’t she ever just go to sleep like a normal child?

Jack laid awake in the twilight, listening to Monica babble in her room.

Why couldn’t the child just go to sleep? Usually she sat in her bed for about an hour, babbling to her stuffed dog, before finally falling into slumber.

But tonight she was pushing two hours. Pretty soon Z would ask him to get tell her a story to settle her down. In about five…four…three…two…

“Jack,” Z mumbled as she rolled over, “go tell her a story, please!” Did he know his wife or what?

“Alright, I’ll be back in a little bit,” he promised, kissing her cheek as he fumbled for his sweats on the bottom of the bed.

Upstairs, Monica was telling Fluffy something about toast, and Jack paused, thinking of his old teammate.

Bridge had recently met a woman who complimented him perfectly, and had mental shields like iron, or so Bridge said.

He’d come over for dinner a couple nights ago, and told Monica all about toast. The buttery kind.

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