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Let me entertain you

David was very pleased with himself. His piano coach had praised him for his exurbitant and extraordinary talent at least ten time this evening and had boosted Davids ego, quite some.

"Ma, I am home." David kicked his shoes off beside the doormat and went inside. His mother and stephfather looked up at him. "How was pianopractise David?" Asked his mother.

"Very good, we've practised the great masters." David said cheerfully. He walked over and gave him mother a kiss on her cheek and playfully slapped the newpaper that his stephfather was reading.

"I'm going to bed, I promised to meet up with Timo and Jan in the skatepark early tomorow." He said. "Alright dear boy, sleep well." He stephfather said.

David smiled a soft smile and trailed into the hall way slowly.

David was about to extend his hand to the door of his bedroom in order to open it when a sound from within the room made his freeze midaction. It was something like a breathy moan.

David felt a mix of curiousity and fear well up inside him.

Who the heck was in his room? Was there anyone in his room at all, or was it just imagniation?

David put his hand on the doorknob and twisted, but before he could push open the door, he heard yet another sound, a slight moaning inhale. David was sure that was definately no imagination.

He bit his bottomlip and pushed open the door to his bedroom.

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