Let It Go
Let It Go touya/yukito of clow country (tsubasa) stories

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A written piece by tsubarukimimori posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Let It Go

“All alone are you waterbender? Such an impurity, shame you’re so young…Amon will cleanse you of your sin.”

Emerald eyes went wide and raised his hands to throw a small wave of water at the man in an attempt to get away.

The taser whip was raised and in attempt to protect himself he raised his hand in front of his face.

The hit never came. He saw another Equalist take the hit to his arm.

“Bullying little kids? How low will you go?”

“You, how are you withstanding the shock?”

“Let’s just say I was getting hit with worse than this when I was a child. Aside from that,” The electricity that was surging through the whip was sparking at the other man’s fingertips.

“Now beat it before I decide against hitting the innocent tree and hit you instead.”

After he left, the lightning went off into the night sky. “Are you alright?”

The child bobbed his head eagerly.

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