Lest Mortals Dare to Dream
Lest Mortals Dare to Dream the naming of a prophet stories

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fanfic by ravensinead adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lest Mortals Dare to Dream

I awoke with a start, looking with frantic eyes around the unfamiliar room. It was dark, too dark, and someone stirred beside me in the narrow bed.

My heart seized in my chest and panic began to creep against the borders of my mind.

I wondered as I felt soft breath across my cheek. Nightmares caught in my throat and I reached, trembling, for the flint and candle on the nearby stand.

Shaking hands struck the flint and the candle wick caught flame.

I took the candle in hand and held it over the figure who lay beside me, sighing in relief as memory returned with the spray of tangled red hair on the single pillow.

A shaky breath left my lungs and I struggled to calm the rapid beating of my heart. This was no nightmare. This was a dream.

I reached out and smoothed her tangled hair, smiling as I had not smiled in a month.

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