Lessons Learned: Reunion
Lessons Learned: Reunion david coulthard stories

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A short story by sweetpeapoppy adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lessons Learned: Reunion

“Happy third bookaversary Jenson!” Jessy announced loudly as she wandered through the office with a cake in her hands.

She had painstakingly made it from a recipe in the book, baking was not her strong point but Jenson had a wonderful way in his books, he made it seem so easy.

He wrote as if he was standing next to the reader just talking them through it like a friend, and that made his first book an instant best seller.

Jenson looked up from the desk he was borrowing to watch Jessy and the rest of the department walking towards him wearing huge smiles. "Thanks guys." He stood up to blow the candles out.

“It looks amazing.” Jessy handed him a knife and he cut it up into enough slices for everyone to eat some, it was pretty good and as he offered his compliments to the chef her face lit up.

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