Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned werewolf danny lawrence stories

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Lessons Learned

The back hairs on Danny's neck rose. The smell of death wafted in the air, jarring her from her day dreams.

The lecture hall auditorium was filled with over two hundred students and all sort of scents, but this was distinct.

She casually turned her head to scan the room, eyes making their way towards the back door.

Standing in the entryway was a slight looking brunette, clad in a black jacket, leather pants and a terribly bored expression.

Danny knew, almost instantly, that the smell must belong to this newcomer. The mystery woman turned and left, going back out the door.

Without really thinking about it, the redhead had scooped up her backpack and awkwardly sidled out of the row.

Walking along the back of the room, she left out of the same door, stepping outside onto the school grounds.

Sniffing the air slightly, she sensed the trail of death going off towards the edge of campus where the forest began. Something about the woman, about the smell, compelled Danny to follow.

Jogging, her long legs propelling her forward across the grounds, it didn't take Danny long to catch up.

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