Les Delys D'Elizabeth
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Les Delys D'Elizabeth

"I wanna be a part of the glee club."

Brittany's words silenced them. Puck turned his head in her direction and he raised his left eyebrow, taken aback. From the corner of the eyes, he noticed Quinn and Sebastian were doing the same.

"What did you say Brit?" gently asked Quinn.

"I wanna be a part of the glee club."

Puck exchanged a glance with the two others, wondering how to give her the answer which was just a big fat NO.

Glee club was for losers, they were not the bosses of the school, but if they joined that club any kind of cool reputation they may have, would be gone for good.

The problem was: that they had to explain it to Brittany. She was sweet, the sweetest girl he knew, and even if she... turned around a lot with guys, she was still very innocent.

Fortunately, and as often, Quinn took the matter in hand.

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