Legends of the Seeker: misc ficlets
Legends of the Seeker: misc ficlets crack stories

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Legends of the Seeker: misc ficlets

For the first line prompt:

Her companion glared at her but said nothing. Shota shook her head, smoothed her hair, and took up her goblet.

"Forgive me," she said, without an ounce of sincerity in her voice, "but for you to come to me like this. To ask me to help you.

" She sipped the wine, chased a drop around her lower lip with her tongue. "Well, let us say that even I did not anticipate this."

Darken Rahl regarded her coolly, ignoring her mockery. "Yet here I am."

Shota nodded. "Yes."

Rahl sat back in his chair. The cave was dry and relatively homely, with a table, two chairs, a finely woven rug, and even a mirror on one wall.

He didn't think Shota lived here, but it seemed she used it often enough to have made it into a cosy place to converse. More private than a tavern, at least.

"If what you say is true, then I will help you," Shota said. "However the Seeker must live. That is non-negotiable.

He will be prevented from unleashing this evil you speak of, but I will not see him harmed. His life, his destiny, is too strong a force within the fate of the world."

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