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Legend of Zelda: Four Souls

Long ago, the land of Hyrule was ruled by five goddesses:

Hylia, the Goddess of Light,

Farore, the Goddess of Earth,

Din, the Goddess of Fire,

Nayru, the Goddess of Water,

And Ordona, the Goddess of Wind.

But one day, an evil sorcerer named Vaati stood before the Goddesses. He waved his hand and in an instant, cast them away into the darkness.

The oceans dried up and the forests withered to nothing. Harsh, freezing winds blew a never-ending sea of dark clouds through the sky. None were safe from the sorcerer’s magic.

Then, four heroes stepped out of the darkness and challenged Vaati. They battled long and hard, but every time Vaati shot them down, they kept on.

As the heroes weakened, the leader held their sword to the heavens. The clouds parted and, to Vaati’s dismay, the Goddesses returned.

They blessed the heroes’ swords and together, they defeated the sorcerer.

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