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A fan work by thegreennoodle adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


David gripped the crossbow in his hands tighter as he peered around the tree. It was hard to see in the dark, and the harsh wind wasn't helping matters.

He wanted to grip his jacket tighter around him but there was no time for that. He had to stay focused if he wanted to make it out of this forest alive.

David knew he would have to rely on his hearing and his intuition in order to complete his mission. He was as good as blind in the this darkness.

He had become separated from his brothers some time ago. David hoped they were faring well. Eli and Ethan didn't have much more experience than him with hunting.

They had been trained for this all their lives, but they were the youngest sons. Their parents and older brothers had always been protective.

David shook his head to clear his mind. He had to focus if he wanted to slay the beast that had been terrorizing the neighboring town.

It was only yesterday when the town's mayor and priest had come to the Shepherds' door to enlist their help.

For the past three full moons, the mayor had told them, there had been attacks on his people by a large wolf. It would appear only at night and slaughter anyone who crossed its path.

They had already lost seven people and were desperate not to lose anymore. David's family had naturally agreed to help. It was what their family had done for generations, after all.

The fact that the visitors had paid ahead also didn't hurt.

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