Legacies and Bloodlines
Legacies and Bloodlines louise (legend of zelda) stories

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A fan work by nolandsman adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Legacies and Bloodlines

"Tell me, dear boy, do you hear the chirrup of birds, or the breath of wind through grass, in this still and haunted place? I do not, my apprentice, I do not."

Etran Olrani, "The Tale of the Wanderer" from

Talon had not mouthed a word, but his intent had been perfectly clear. He dropped a tin bucket, stained with grime, into Link's hands and shoved him toward the stable doors.

Link knew this inevitable errand had been coming—they had used the last of their allotted drinking water to wash the beautiful, fire-red mare for her exhibition,

since the animals' water was likely to leave her coat dirtier than before.

Link had no qualms with the decision; he could stand the well water, with its translucent, gelatinous muck bobbing at the surface (it was easy to scrape off to get the real water underneath),

he could even stand its metallic, almost moribund taste. But he could not tolerate seeing a filthy horse presented to the King.

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