Leaving Marks
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Leaving Marks

Jeremy first learnt about the Marks when he was three or four.

He was sitting on the couch, watching as, before his eyes, an ugly purple mark bloomed on his arm.

“Mummy! Why do I keep getting these? They’re not there, and then they are! I haven’t done nothing to get a bruise,” he pouted.

His mother looked at his proffered arm and then turns so she’s facing him on the couch. She reaches out and runs her fingers over the mark.

“Darling, these marks mean that somewhere in the world you have a soulmate.”

“What does that mean?”

She paused, probably trying to find a way to explain soulmates that her young son would understand. “A soulmate is a person who is just for you.

They are someone that is perfect for you and the two of you will love each other more than anyone else.”

“Is daddy your soulmate?”

His mother smiled warmly, “yes he is.”

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