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Learning To Love

"This is outrageous!" My brother exclaims as he throws down the Prophet at breakfast.

The picture of Umbridge smiling broadly and waving flashes up from the table as the jug of pumpkin juice topples over drenching the table.

The paper blurs under the liquid, but the picture of Umbridge continues to wave and smile sickeningly. Ron looks only moments away from setting fire to it before Hermione speaks up.

"Of course it is," Hermione snaps. She snatches up a book from being ruined in the river of juice flowing down the table.

Flicking her wand to clean up the mess, she says, "The ramifications of war is always a difficult struggle. Did you honestly believe that the world would go back to how it was before


Ron looks away in frustrated and shrugs. Harry decides to respond for him. "Well, no we didn't think that. But a marriage law? You knew there would be a law forcing us to get married?"

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