Learning How To Write Characters
Learning How To Write Characters koichi kizakura stories

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Learning How To Write Characters


"Ding ding dang dang! A body has been discovered! After a certain amount of time, we will hold a Class Trial!"

"Someone call Naegi," Byakuya Togami commanded, although it was hard to keep the slightest quiver out of his voice. Even for him, the sight of the mangled corpse caused his mouth to run dry.

He cast an uncaring glance at the unconscious Touko Fukawa at his feet.

"I got it," a brunette said weakly, having being the one who had stuttered earlier.

With robotic, stiff movements, Aoi Asahina left the room in the same manner she did when they had found Sakura Oogami's body.

"What a turn of events..." Byakuya mused. "I never would've expected this.

The thunder of footsteps (along with yelling- no doubt the words of the Ultimate Fortune-Teller, Yasuhiro Hagakure) told him that more company arrived.

There were only six of them left until now (seven if you counted Syo), and the number had dwindled down to five.

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