Learning About the Past
Learning About the Past leon vance stories

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Learning About the Past

Sherlock sighed, looking at the worried faces of John and Mary Watson. He had just left his older brother on the plane after tearing up his list.

They reminded him of how his other family back in America acted after he decided to leave the country. They were worried of course, but they respected his wishes.

But since then, there had been basically no contact between them. Except for his cousin, Abby.

She was the only bright spot in the Holmes family nowadays, a place formerly held by himself, surprisingly.

Looking back at the Watsons, he knew that they were going to eventually make him talk about why he overdosed, as they had not seen the list.

He would prefer them not to, though, as he never understood why doctors thought that talking about his problems will make them all better, when it just made him relive the sadness and pain.

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