Leaps and Bounds
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Leaps and Bounds

Dr. Samuel Beckett had been leaping for quite some time.

He never really knew how much time was passing on a regular timeline, since he was always jumping from year to year, and sometimes he would stay there for a few days,

while other times he would stay in the other person's body for weeks.

However, he never leaped to a time that was outside his own lifetime, so generally any leap to a time prior to 1953 was impossible.

He could remember one or two exceptions, but he'd been doing this so long he couldn't be sure.

He wasn't sure how Al, a good friend and senior officer on the program that started this whole mess, had kept the thing running.

Without definitive proof that Sam was doing something to help people with Project Quantum Leap, the funding for the project was going to be cut off.

This had been threatened on more than one occasion, in fact it had been threatened a few times in just the first few years. But each time Al appeared, he assured Sam everything was going well.

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