Le sang de la nuit (court dans tes veines)
Le sang de la nuit (court dans tes veines) finn collins stories

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fan work by frenchcrazydreamer adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Le sang de la nuit (court dans tes veines)

She was running, as fast as she could, in the streets of the city.

Her blond hair was falling down her back and shoulders, but some were caught in tight braids so that it wasn't disturbing her line of sight.

She was wearing black clothes that wouldn't be spotted too easily in the darkness of the night, making her look like a shadow making its way through the streets.

She was running fast, but the creature before her was faster, using its supernatural speed to try and escape. Apparently, it was a werewolf this time.

Dark hairs were starting to grow on its skin, showing that it was going to shift soon. Clarke quickly took her gun out and shoot its legs, making it fall to the ground.

She ran at its side and smiled proudly at the human looking beast at her feet.

"I got you, brainless animal", she whispered more for herself than the whimpering creature. The boy growled, shaking nervously, his eyes full of fear as she took out her dagger.

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