Lay Down Your Soul
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A story by asher monroe (onehundredsuns) adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Lay Down Your Soul

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Bonnie tapped her pen against the stark white paper of her journal before snapping it closed and pushing it aside.

It was easier to write about everyone else and what they were going through, but when it came to her own issues she didn’t even know where to start. Well actually that was a lie. She

start at the beginning but what good would it do to explain things to Elena when by the time Elena read them, they’d be settled?

She would be dead and Elena would be looking forward to her new life, not reading about the problems of those she’d never see again.

Bonnie thought to herself.

In the very aftermath of learning about Kai’s spell and its effects Bonnie had suffered a severe amount of guilt even though she realized none of it was her fault.

Sure Kai blamed her for leaving him in 1903 and was lashing out but it was all just psychopathic behavior no matter what, and if she hadn’t been the focus of his ire someone else would have.

Someone else was considering what he did to his entire family. And it wasn’t like he’d been the biggest fan of Elena for the short time he knew her.

Kai was evil and everything else was just an excuse for him to try and justify the shit he did.

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