Laws of Relativity
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Laws of Relativity

No matter which direction he looked, all Ford saw were trees and the decaying bus stop.

Fresh out of New Jersey, he possessed duffel bags that were slung over his shoulder and a look of bewilderment. He was the perfect image of a clueless tourist.

The bus had sped off into a cloud of dirt, leaving them by themselves.

There was no use denying it; he was stranded in the woods. How he had gotten into that situation was a long story.

It had all started back home when the old air conditioner in their cramped apartment had spluttered out and died on the first day of a sweltering summer.

The money wasn't there to fix it-it wasn't there for a lot of things lately.

When his parents announced that they'd be sending him and his twin brother Stan off to Oregon to stay with their great-aunt, their fates were sealed.

He almost didn't mind it; getting away from their apartment brought more relief than it should have.

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