Lawfully Wedded Waifu
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Lawfully Wedded Waifu

“Now… give us a twirl, darling.”

Alphys took a deep breath, spun in a circle like Mettaton instructed, looked at herself in the mirror, and nearly burst into tears. “It’s – I don’t – I look AWFUL!”

Rolling over to her as fast as his one wheel could spin, Mettaton tried his best to calm her down.

“Darling, darling! You look ravishing! That dress goes PERFECTLY with your scales! It brings out your eyes! Undyne will take one look at you and she will DROP!”

Alphys sniveled, wiping her nose with her wrist. She had almost seemed to recover when she looked back at the mirror and her eyes began to well up again.

“Now darling, don’t look so sad. Not to toot my own horn, but-” Mettaton stopped, then reconsidered.

“Actually, I’ll toot my own horn as much as I want!” A panel popped open on Mettaton’s side, a tiny clown horn popped out, honked twice, and retracted.

“That dress is the finest piece of clothing that I have ever made- nay, the finest wedding dress to ever BE made!

In fact, I shouldn’t even let you wear it, because if Undyne sees you in it I do NOT want to be held accountable for her death by your glamour!”

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