Latchkey Hero Drabbles
Latchkey Hero Drabbles look at all that chesthair stories

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Latchkey Hero Drabbles

Zofia absolutely hated owing people anything. Had always done so, ever since she could remember. She’d hated owing kids at school lunch money whenever she’d forgotten hers.

She’d hated being behind on work hours, and she’d definitely hated loans. Those had been the worst.

That she’d ever be indebted to the point of having her life put on the scales, that hadn’t ever crossed her mind.

The thought alone was just downright ridiculous, since that was a thing you saw in the movies and not something you dealt with yourself. Then Harran had happened. Rais had happened.

Lena happened.

If there was a ledger somewhere that tallied her dues, then he was the one that claimed most of its pages. His name was stamped all over the place, glaring and obnoxious.

Paying him back to get herself out of the red seemed like a very reasonable thing to do.

So what was it with the hesitation? The finger twitching, feet itching, neck pricking and chest squeezing dithering about outside the room?

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