Last Son of Krypton
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written piece by antoniocc adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Last Son of Krypton

all character are property of their respective owners.

general spoilers for Superman.

as with Batman, my version of the Superman mythos draw from several sources.

revised by JediKnight, from TtH.

Jor-El, member of the Kryptonian High Science Council, strode silently through the corridors of the building,

noticing through the windows that the signs of fighting in the streets were starting to get repaired.

The final battle of the Civil War had been fought in those same streets, a desperate gambit to bring an end to nearly five years of strife.

He shook his head, it had been sheer carnage on the streets, the urban combat having taken its toll on both attacker and defender.

Maybe now things would become more normal, and he could step down and go back to science, he still had that prototype of a hyperdrive-equipped spaceship in his basement gathering dust, well,

not exactly, he tinkered with it when the weight of being in the council become too big, so he could disconnect from the government problems.

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