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Last Day On Set

The Day White Collar Wrapped I tried not to cry since everyone else was and I gathered up the things I wanted from set and the bust off Neal's desk to give Jeff but Tim noticed something

was wrong .

I had filmed my last scenes as Neal and he saw that I started crying and Inconsolable "Matty you okay" he asked me I said "no Tim I'm not okay and Tim got his phone out

and texting Simon with out my knowing it .

Simon texted me asking if I was okay I texted back saying "No okay the show ended yet I'm still on set and crying right now I feel sad I guess " and Tim said he had to go talk to Willie.

Willie came over and said" matt you okay" I looked up and said " I'm not okay " I couldnt say how I was feeling and next thing I knew Tim was recording with his phone as I had felt a hand on

my head and slide down to my shoulder I looked up and said "baby!!! " and hugged Simon .

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