Last day on earth and all that
Last day on earth and all that george berger stories

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Last day on earth and all that

Claude pulled Berger aside, he deserved to know first.

“I need to tell you something, it’s it’s really important and I want you to hear it first.” Claude said his pulse racing.

He found a quiet part of the abandoned building the tribe had been hanging in these past few days,

“What’s up Claudio?” Berger asked casually, he could always tell when something was wrong with Claude.

“Berger, I, I got a letter in the mail today. I, Berger I’m being drafted.” Claude felt his own words hit him like a death sentence, it was real now.

Berger shot up from where he’d been sitting, hands trembling.

“No, this this, no not now. This can’t be happening.”

“I feel the same.” Claude said stoically, he’d already cried his fill when he first got the letter.

“No Claude I, I needed to tell you something too but there’s no fucking point now.”

“What is it? I guarantee it’s still important Berger because you’re still important.” Claude felt the words tumble out of his mouth before he actually realize he’d said them.

He put his hand on Berger’s shoulder to emphasize the point regardless.

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