Last call for Vodka
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Last call for Vodka

Six months after the Roundtable and nearly two years after Boone, HG found herself standing in Artie’s office once again.

With Mrs. Fredric in her sunset years as Caretaker Claudia was being pulled away more and more while the cases piled up.

They were stretched too thin, even with Artie and Abigail pitching in and none of the candidates in the Agent pipeline were quite ready.

So why not call the most experienced Agent on the planet out of retirement?

“Finally,” Artie actually seemed relieved that HG had returned.  “Claudia is off with The Regents this week and we’ve got quite a case load.  Here,” he handed over a file.

“This one is yours and Myka’s.”

Helena didn’t look up from her perusal of the folder as a ripple of tension went through the room. She’d kept in her promise and had met Myka a few times since Boone.

She’d learned about Paracelsus, the cancer scare, and the Warehouse’s almost departure from North America.

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