Lady in the Stars
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Lady in the Stars

This was absolutely not her scene. That's what Kitty told herself as she clutched her cranberry and vodka close and tried to melt into the shadows of the busy bar.

It was a Friday night and she had been suckered in to going out with her friends. But not just going out, going speed dating.

It's not that Kitty was anti-social, she loved hanging out, and she was a pretty prodigious dater, she just didn't like the feeling of being paraded in front of people-men, women,

it didn't matter-like some slab of meat. It didn't help that it was Jen who had forced her to come out. Kitty couldn't compare to Jen. Really, no one could.

Jen, who was in her final year of law school, had this ability to morph from a mousy brunette attorney-in-training into this outrageous, vivacious mass of energy.

Kitty loved her for it, but, man, did Jen always end up finding herself on center stage, often literally.

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