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Lab Life

The bitter wind tossed Cisco’s hair and plastered his Blue Sun t-shirt to his chest. But he tucked his hands into his pockets and ambled toward the enraged, glittering ice goddess.

“So this is new.”

“Stay away,” she said, her voice like the howl of an Arctic wind.

“What? You think this is cold?” He scoffed audibly, even while shivers racked his compact body and frost formed in his eyebrows, aging him prematurely. “Cait, don’t let the awesome tan fool you.

I grew up in Detroit. I got my master’s at Michigan Tech and my doctorate at Northwestern.

You gotta do better than this to scare me off.”

“I’m warning you,” that horrible, inhuman voice said.

“Eh, since when do I listen to warnings?” He was right up to her now, toe-to-toe, nose-to-reddening nose.

She raised her hands, ready to blast him the way she had done to Ronnie.

“So,” he said thoughtfully. “I’m thinking Snow Queen.”

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