Kyoshi: Swan Song
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A short story by skyler adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Kyoshi: Swan Song

Being manifested is always a uniquely disorienting experience, although it’s been a while. I’m outside a temple at sundown on what feels like a mild winter day.

A quick glance around tells me I’m on an island, but that doesn’t make sense at first. The temple is of Air Nomad design, but new, and certainly not up on a mountain or under a cliff face.

Oh, of course. It’s the new one. Not a proper temple, but a little oasis built over the bay, a good distance from the bustle of the new city across the water.

I’m not sure which I would’ve preferred, truth be told. Aang’s little sanctuary is tranquil enough, but cities have their own frenetic appeal.

“Oh wow, Avatar Kyoshi…I can’t believe that actually worked!”

The excited shout snaps me back to the woman sitting in front of me. Of course.

Ever since getting back from the South Pole, she’s been all too happy to make up for lost time and flex the Avatar spirit. A small smile plays at my lips. Her energy is infectious sometimes.

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