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Kwale'be has always been held back by fear. However the fate of his father's kingdom rest in his hands. Not only must he outcompete six other competitors, he must also prove he is worthy to rule.


Kwalebe jolted up from his sleep and immediately grabbed his spear ready to defend his family and his father’s Kingdom. While he has never experienced war, tales of his family’s past continue to give him nightmares. However, today is not a day Kwalebe can function on insufficient sleep, for today he will become a man. Since his eyes were at his knees, nightmares about his Family’s past continue to rob him of a full night’s slumber. Still Kwalebe has yet to grasp that these are no ordinary dreams nor is he an ordinary boy. True to their bond, Munsu sensed his master’s fear and offered comfort as he has so many times before. With Munsu on his lap, Kwalebe petted his furred friend as he pondered the day ahead. He knew that within 7 rooster crows the great star will rise above his father’s land and not long thereafter his life’s trajectory will change. Munsu leapt from Kwalebe’s lap and signal for him to follow. As they stepped out in the night’s blanket their aimless direction was illuminated solely by the night’s light. The darkness seemed hung in time, brought to life only by the bellows of the night’s creatures and the commanding rush of the majestic waterfall that served his father’s kingdom. Recarta, land of the Moroongo people, is the youngest kingdom known as far as one could travel with a thousand camels. But what Recarta lack in history, it made up in splendor. The yielding soil gave way to lush vegetation and vast acres of farmland. Yet as he walked through the serenity of the land, thoughts of Kwalebe’s destiny poured adrenaline through his veins and sped up the beats of his heart. Kwalebe’s battle with fear is nothing new. His father a fearless warrior and King tried relentlessly to teach Kwalebe that fear doesn’t exists except when created in the mind. Kwalebe’s most memorable encounter with fear occurred when he was 30 moons old. While venturing alone in the bushes he became mesmerized by a playful uniquely magneta colored animal. Kwalebe sneakingly followed the animal with the intent to capture. He was intent on catching the animal but the animals agility made Kwalebes plan difficult to acheive. Soon they were at the southern most end of his fathers Land. Kwalebe could now see the Lobo River and he then knew he would be in trouble. The Lobo river poured from Recapta’s majestic waterfall and is known among the Morongo people as the river that divides good and evil. Danger lurks on the other side of the river and all the Moorongo people respected this knowledge. Nevertheless at that moment in time it seemed wisdom evaded Kwalebe as he trailed the furred creature like two friends playing a game of catch me if you can. The animal swiftly ascended a tree at the river’s edge. The branches of the tree reached in a variety of directions including one that led a path to the other side of the river. The leaves were a luscious green and broad enough to hide the creature as he course the branch to the other side. But beneath the branches run deep gurgling waters. Kwalebe’s ascent was agile. He made his first step onto the branch with a deliberate focus, knowing looking down could end undesirably. If he were to make it to the other side he would have to rely on his tutelage in ancient archery and agility by some of the best masters in all the kingdoms. However, his mind’s eye focused not on training but on capture. In that very moment of neglect his feet slipped and he dropped towards the babbling water. Quick to respond, his long arms proved of benefit as he grabbed the branch. Dangling by one arm he felt his fingers slipping. The familiar taste of fear overwhelmed his senses as his fingers continue to slip. However the Stalwarth voice of his father interrupted his thoughts and reminded him of who he is. In that moment he managed to swing his body upwards, planting his feet on the limb. Upon mounting the branch, this time he steadied himself with skill and finesse. His lean erect body and long outstretched arms provided balance and stealth. He carried across - each step delicate, efficient and light. On the other side of the river another world sits. The land is dry and sullen. The vegetation lack leaves as if served a different diet and unfamiliar sounds echoed from the distance. Probably most evident is that the air stunk of death. After successfully crossing the river, Kwalebe’s triumph aquickly morphed into fear. He spotted the furred creature and it was immediately clear that he was not the only one drenched with worry. The small animal started to slowly walk towards Kwalebe as if he acknowledged their shared dread. Kwalebe signal for the creature to make haste, sensing that it wouldn’t be long before danger appears. Before getting within arms distance, the small creature, hearing a familiar call, turned around and sprinted with jubilation towards a larger version of itself. Kwalebe assumed it was the small creature’s Mother and looked on deciding whether to bolt to safety or observed the reunion. Then suddenly a large beast charged from the shadows and attacked the creature’s Mother. Kwalebe and the small creature released a loud shriek in unison. With his arms motioning towards the small creature Kwalebe yelled “ lets go, lets go!” The small animal froze in horror and Kwalebe knew he had to do something. He ran towards the creature, scooped it in his arms and bolted in the direction of the other side. Wails of the creature’s parent came to a sudden halt and now all that was audible was the chase of the beast. Aware of the animal’s ability to move swiftly, Kwalebe released the small creature from his arms while he continued running. Then in a uniform motion he plucked a spear from the holster on his back, set up his bow, turned around then released a spear towards the beast. He missed. Kwalebe’s first instinct was to freeze with fear. However he continued running towards safety. His magneta coated friend was already on the branch heading towards the other side of the river. Kwalebe was several feet behind him but now he can feel the warm moist breath of the beast on the back of his neck. Knowing it was now or never, he desperately leapt onto the tree branch and used his hands to move across to the other side. The beast followed suit and sprang onto the branch. However the branch snapped; unable to sustain the weight of the large beast. Kwalebe and his new found friend stood together and watched as the beast is swept downstream in the Lobo river. It has been 12 moons since Kwalebe watched as the beast drift away in the Lobo river. Yet he remembers it like it was yesterday; it was the day he met his best friend , Munsu and the day he overcame fear.

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