Kurt is Gandhi
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Kurt is Gandhi

Kurt came to school as the bearer of good news.

His dad was awake. After a week of misery, his dad in a coma, no one knowing if he would live or die, until late last night, when he had finally woken up.

Kurt walked down the school corridor dizzy with relief.

Mercedes was waiting for him by his locker, looking worried.

"He woke up!" Kurt grinned.

"Praise the Lord." Her answering grin faltered. "Oh. I guess you don't want me to mention-"

Not this again.

"Mercedes, shut up."

He put his arms around her, and she squeezed him tight. His dad was awake, that was the only thing that mattered. And he needed the hug, maybe they both did.

Last week still lay between them, back when she had offered him her prayers and he had rejected her.

Kurt knew about rejection.

For the sake of rejection he'd been hiding from his father, keeping the words "Dad, I'm gay" chafing away inside his chest for so long he sometimes felt like they had taken him over,

had hollowed him all out.

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