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Kuroshitsuji drabbles

"Sebastian!" The blue-haired boy shouted from his study.

The raven-haired butler instantly appeared in the doorway, "Yes, young master?"

"I crave something sweet. Make me a cake." The boy said, not once looking up from his documents.

"Now young master, dinner is not long off, and we wouldn't want to ruin your appetite."

But Ciel Phantomhive is not one to be refused, "Did I ask when dinner would be?! I gave you an order, now follow it!"

Ciel's eye returned to his work immediately, so he quite missed the challenging flash in his demon's eyes.

"Yes, my lord."

Three rapt knocks announced his butler's arrival. Ciel didn't look up once.

"Come in."

"Your cake, young master."

Ciel smirked, slowly looking up, "So it's finally- wha?!"

Now it was Sebastian's turn to smirk. Beside him stood a tall, elegant, wedding-type cake. It rose nearly as high as the butler. Ciel could only gape at it.

"You never specified what type of cake you desired, so I thought something like this might appease your sweet tooth. I hope you are satisfied, young master."

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