kuroha goes to hot topic
kuroha goes to hot topic mekakucity actors stories

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kuroha goes to hot topic

August Fuckteenth, at two in the afternoon, a tall boy clad in strange black and yellow clothing walked into the local mall.

Staring down so as to avoid further suspicion, he walked on into the depths of the mall, ignoring the stares of the other mall patrons.

He continued into the depths of the noise-filled building, eventually making his way to a familiar store. He raised his head, looking at the large red sign that hung above the large door.

It bore the words "Hot Topic" in a strange, squiggly font. He walked in casually, none of the employees so much as batting an eye towards him.

He took a quick look at the selection of T-shirts on the wall, a few of them piquing his interest, but not enough that he would consider buying them.

Walking further in, he spots a section of the store that seems devoted to a certain character. It was a small looking, green, doglike creature that had its' tongue sticking out.

There was so much merchandise of this one character, it was sort of overwhelming. He thought that the character must have been extremely popular for some reason.

He decided to look at the various items featuring this strange dog.

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