Krushnaa and Her Savior
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short story by pratigyakrishnaki adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Krushnaa and Her Savior

Whispers and Silence

The quietest squeak,

The loudest laugh became.


no longer existed

Bhishma, Drona, Vidur

Cowards, hiding behind nonsensical oaths

Duryodhan, Dushasana, Dhritarastra

Evil incarnate, stubborn in their right

The five she called husbands

Stuck in orders and Dharma

And she,

Left behind,

Suffering with no savior

Besides one.

He could not come,

Time was too short,

And the road too long.

But He, He was special

God himself, the whispers spoke.

Krishna, Govind, Gopal.

His names were many,

One of which she shared.

The shared name became a chant

Krishna, Krishna, Krishna

Her doubt dispelled.

He would hear,

Her faith was strong.

She felt emotion like no other,

Bhakti it was called,

Love, Care, Friendship like none other.

She, nay, the whole world depended on Him.

Yet He on no one.

The five seeped in sorrow,

The rest in guilt, anger, grim happiness,

But she was free,

Free to fly.

She had no worries,

For her savior,

Krishna, was finally here.

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