Knowledge Comes With a Price Tag
Knowledge Comes With a Price Tag post-avengers: age of ultron (movie) stories

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Knowledge Comes With a Price Tag

The new Avengers completed yet another mission successfully.

Natasha and Bucky just defeated the last Doombots, Clint lowered his bow and Sam was on his way to pick him up from the rooftop,

Bruce was already changing into the kind and decidedly pacifistic physicist, Vision and Iron Man had effectively reprogrammed the machine Van Doom had built in order to avoid a catastrophe,

and were now approaching Steve. Scarlet Witch released the only human assailant on site from her powers. This had worked like a charm.

Two years after then end of the War, the new Avengers were again a force to be reckoned with. Nothing would tear them apart, he would make sure of it.

Tony leaving had been the best thing that ever happened to the team; a cruel thought, but true.

Tony's innate inability to follow orders, his tendency to chat on and off the battlefield, his unwillingness to

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