Knights of the Founders
Knights of the Founders harry potter stories

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Knights of the Founders

The Knights of the Founders

By J.C. Vascardi


Chapter One:



As the moon rose above Privet Drive, a teenage boy with a mess of raven black hair sat alone in his small upstairs bedroom.

If anyone had been in the room with him, they would have heard the sniffles and seen the tears that occasionally ran down his cheeks as he looked through a leather-bound photo album.

For the boy, fifteen-year-old Harry James Potter, looking through this album was never easy as it only served to remind him of everyone that he'd lost.

Contained within were pictures of his parents, who'd died when he was only a little over a year old. There were also pictures of his godfather who had died just a few short months ago.

The pictures that brought the most tears to Harry's eyes, however, were those of a handsome, brown-haired, grey-eyed young man of seventeen who had died way too young.

This young man was Cedric Diggory, wizard, Hufflepuff, and Harry's first love.

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