Klance- One big giant story for Klance week 2016
Klance- One big giant story for Klance week 2016 keith/lance (voltron) stories

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Klance- One big giant story for Klance week 2016

Part 1: Red/ Blue

“Hey, Shiro,” Lance starts, entering the room. His fellow paladins turn to face him expecting important news of some sort. He continues, “Is your lion running?”

“Yeah?” Shiro replies quite confused.

“Then you better go catch it!” Lance laughs at the punchline of his own (very elementary) joke. Keith however, rolls his eyes at the cheesy shenanigan and goes back to work.

“Idiot,” Keith mutters as Lance cracks more incredibly awful jokes.

“Excuse you?” Lance questions, having heard the insult, “This stuff’s comedy gold! I’d like to see you do better!”


“What’s wrong, Keith? Afraid because you know your jokes can’t beat mine?” Lance smirks.

“No! I ju-”

“Bawk b-bawk bawk! Keith is chicken! Keith is chicken!” Lance taunts, dancing around Keith happy to finally beat his teammate at something.

He ends up dancing himself right into a faceful of Keith's fist.

“Ow,” Lance groans, prying his face off of Keith’s fist, “Why do you have to be such an asshole all the time?!”

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