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Kitty Cats & Erotica

The city of Paris had turned to shit overnight.

Ladybug had a list, though she never mentioned it, of specific akuma that she and Chat Noir had battled, and how they ranked from her personal worse to the not too bad.

On the very top of her list, shining number one, was Volpina.

For obvious reasons, Ladybug wasn't at all fond of the fake miraculous user, and personally believed Volpina to be the worse akuma she'd had to deal with since becoming a hero.

Of course, she hadn't told Chat Noir this.

After all,

she couldn't exactly tell him that the reason she hated Volpina so much was because she'd dangled her beloved Adrien Agreste over the edge of the Eiffel Tower and threatened to drop him to

his demise. It had turned out to be an illusion in the end, but Ladybug still refused to get over it.

The second worst akuma on Ladybug's list had to be The Bubbler.

It had nothing to do with who the akuma had seized - Nino was a great and considerate person - but knowing that The Bubbler had taken Marinette's parents away from her so easily

didn't settle well in her stomach. She loved her parents dearly, as she was sure many other children did, and so The Bubbler had easily made number two on her list of 'Worst Akuma I've Battled.'

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