Kiss the World Goodbye
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Kiss the World Goodbye

Sailor Pluto knelt before Neo-Queen Serenity. "Are you sure, My Lady, it would mean the disappearance of this timeline.

Crystal Tokyo, the utopia that you and the king founded, will likely never come to be."

The queen gave her companion a sad, but tender smile. "Pluto, we both know that this is not the utopia we pretend it is." The fair woman looked away, her bright eyes very distant.

"I would have liked to give Small Lady the chance to be surrounded by friends when she was growing up. Being queen took time away from family.

" The queen placed her slender hands on the taller woman's shoulders. "I love Endymion dearly, but I will not deny that my love for you, for them, and for her, is not platonic.

" Crimson eyes searched blue, looking for any hesitance.

"Setsuna," Serenity had never addressed her without an honorific before, "if there is a future where we can all be happy, then make it happen."

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