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A fan work by ladyswanna posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Kiss Of Snow

I do not own Hakuoki. This amazing anime was created by Asuka Yamazaki, Kazuhiko Hasegawa and Mitsutoshi Ogura. I only created my OC!

- Demons in this story are actual pureblood vampires and Rasetsu are humans who were turned by purebloods.

“You have to go.

.” It was an instruction so absolute, it demanded obedience.

“No! Mitsuru came for me because I am her primary target. I won’t leave you behind to fend her off for me just so I can escape,” Senhime snapped back with stubbornness.

“There’s still time, we can leave together!”

“There is no time,” she glanced to her right and saw the cart with barrels still stationed at the side of the path. The owner would return with his horse any moment now.

“Hide inside the barrel and keep quiet. You should be taken to a nearby town.”

“I said no! I’m not leaving without you.”

“Your presence will only become a distraction for me,” she said in an indifferent tone, revealing the harsh reality of the situation.

Senhime’s face was contorted with what she had recently learned to read as

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