Kiss of Chemicals
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Kiss of Chemicals

Another opportunity to get John Cricton into his clutches had turned into an utter disaster. Well, it hadn't been a total loss. Braca had survived, and John was no longer a statue of stone.

So Scorpius would have plenty of new opportunities to get a hold of the man and more importantly the information locked within his subconscious.

He also couldn't fault Braca for failing to capture John, for he had failed as well. Scorpius had enough patience to bide his time and try again later.

He placed his leather-clad hands onto his desk, as his piercing eyes traveled to the souvenir he had chosen to depart with.

It wasn't nearly what he needed or wanted, and it wasn't as important as getting that wormhole technology. He had simply grabbed it out of curiosity before leaving the Saebacen Wedding Planet.

Although his curiosity had grabbed it out of hand, he had yet to actually use it. The small vial sat on his desk, and Scorpius debated, not for the first time, just tossing it away.

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