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A short story by rockybluewigs (zekeshaolin) adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

kiss me

Kiss me again, I dare you. I want you to kiss me until I'm light-headed, until I cannot breathe and my body goes limp. I want you to kiss me; touch my sides, lick my neck, capture my sweet spot.

I want you to go as far as you want to with me, because I need this.

I need you to fucking touch me - make me forget the trials and tribulations of ever being heterosexual and make me love girls for eternity.

I need you to run your fingers through my hair, and French kiss me, battle me with your tongue, your teeth grazing against my lips. I want you to straddle me, pin me against my mattress.

I need you to take me.

You stare at me, with a look of wonder, trying to figure me out. Do I want this? Is this want I am waiting for? You don't even need to ask me.

I already know the question, and you should know the answer.

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