Kirby! Dreamland Chronicles
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Kirby! Dreamland Chronicles

Dreamland. The very sound of the name calls to mind a place where fanciful things occur. And rightly so it should, for this is the land where dreams are made.

For as long as anyone can remember, the country of Dreamland, on the planet Pop Star of the Gamble Galaxy, has housed the Fountain of Dreams.

It is from this wellspring that the dreams of its citizens flows from.

It rests in the center courtyard of the palace of King Dedede, where it is free to send the dreams of many individuals throughout the planet.

Once, however, the dreams did not flow, for the fountain had been corrupted by a wicked being imprisoned within, known only as Nightmare.

Nightmare was a terrible creature who ran a huge organization of monsters known to the public as NME. For years, the forces of NME waged war to take over the universe.

His only opponents had been a brave race of fighters, the Star Warriors.

The monsters and Star Warriors fought against each other for years, until a brave fighter among the Star Warrior's ranks, a valiant Puffal named Meta Knight, defeated Nightmare and locked him,

unconscious, in the fountain of dreams. There Meta Knight stayed, vigilant to make sure the prisoner wouldn't wake or escape. He wouldn't have, either, if it wasn't for Dedede.

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