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A fan work by appleciderr posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Izaya could feel the throbbing at his temples, only made more prominent by the screaming man in front of him. For once, the screaming wasn't caused by him.. Kind of..

A man from the Awakusu-kai attempted to steal money from Shiki, and escape with it. Shiki had Izaya offer to lead the poor man to safety, only to lead him right back into Shiki's claws.

Now, he was paying for the money he stole, in an amusing beat down.

Well, not that Izaya was having much fun. Normally, he would be ecstatic, enjoying watching his lovely humans react to karma smacking them right in the face.

But, he found he had a very painful headache just behind his eyes, and thumping against his temples.

Every time the man cried out, he found it echoing through his head, and stabbing at it painfully.

The headache had become a nuisance in the past few days, popping up right before bed or after a chase with Shizuo. But today? It had been there since he had woken up.

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