Kindred Spirits
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Kindred Spirits

Ever since Jessica Angell was a little girl, she had dreamed of following in her father’s footsteps and joining the police force.

As she grew up, her ambitions became more defined, until her dream was set in the homicide department of NYPD.

As an officer in New Jersey, she became forced to face the reality of the ‘locker room culture’, making it hard for her, as a female, to get respect and, indeed, to get anywhere.

In June of 2006, when she was twenty-four, everything changed.

A bomb blast in Manhattan left NYPD racing to pick up the pieces and, when the dust cleared, one of their own was in hospital.

His future seemed bleak, but Jess’s had never been brighter.

Despite her lack of experience (her workload seemed to consist of cats stuck in trees and the lady three blocks over who thought her TV was out to get her), Jess was transferred over on request,

and found herself being trained as a homicide detective.

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