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A fiction by elderastarte adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Kyungsoo drummed an index finger on the formica table, impatient at being kept waiting for so long.

He was tired of hearing the constant buzz and clang of security doors as the prison’s denizens moved between sections.

He wanted to be outside, where he could feel the sun on his face instead of fluorescent radiation and smell actual nature instead of spring-scented cleaning products and concrete.

They’d only been here for half of an hour, and the feeling of being stifled was already beginning to drive him batty.

He had no idea how the inmates could stand being trapped in this place for years. He would rather be put to death.

The soft clacking of wood beside him warned Kyungsoo that his partner was also getting restless.

Jongdae was their squad’s pillar of discipline and reserve, the obvious choice to pair with a rookie like Kyungsoo even if they hadn’t been childhood friends.

But even he was fidgeting, carved cherrywood bracelets shifting up and down his wrists as he picked imaginary lint from his pants, smoothed his hair, checked his watch.

His uncharacteristic antsiness would have been a source of great amusement if Kyungsoo hadn’t been so close to climbing the walls himself.

With difficulty, he stilled his own tapping fingers and pulled a long breath through his nose, trying to wring calm collectedness from the air.

This visit had been his idea after all, so he had to bear the inconvenience with a semblance of self-control.

His resolve began to erode once more as he stared at the room’s dingy concrete walls, but finally, the sharp click of the door lock echoed into the room.

Jongdae instantly straightened in his seat, arms crossed, his icy, justice-wielding persona slamming into place like a bulletproof shield.

Kyungsoo sat a little straighter as well as the inmate they’d been waiting for was escorted into the room at a shuffle, handcuffs and leg irons clinking.

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