Kicking in the Soccer Ball
Kicking in the Soccer Ball trans character stories

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Kicking in the Soccer Ball

If she dug back far enough into her memory, it started with a plan for change and three words: “We can’t leave!”

Four years old with a wiggly tooth and a long bob cut at her neck, Kaiyo ran up the stairs to her room and jumped on her bed.

Her older sister was pouting just as largely sitting across from her as she began to sob. Rini sat next to her and rubbed her shoulder, “Did you just find out?”

Kaiyo didn’t bother looking up but rubbed her eyes and nodded. The sobs escaped her lips as she thought about everything. She would have to leave her brand new big girl school.

All the other girls had finally set a date for the unicorn party and Kaiyo was one of the hosts.

She’d finally gotten up all the courage to run across the street and greet the boy with the big eyes and the gray hair who was actually a lot nice than she expected and they played

together before sunset. She’d learned how to swim with her floaties on at the heated public pool so that next summer the whole family could have a big summer pool party.

And worst of all, Kaiyo had finally found something that was a secret.

Some of the older boys at her school kicked a big ball around and ran around each other trying to kick the ball behind lines they made of sandbox toys.

She’s kept insisting to join because, well, she liked to run

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