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A short story by toften adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

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Dawn Summers was not a slayer.

For all the good

did her.

It wasn’t like anybody cut her any slack because of it. “Oh, look! No super strength. I guess you better hang out at the mall while we patrol!” Oh, no.

She was still here in the dark, in the snotty Seattle rain, hunting stray demons like everybody else. Her shoes were all gummy, and she would never get that purple goop out of her hair.

A patrol car eased onto the street in front of her, light bar dark, and she tucked her sword into the folds of her duster. She would also never live it down if she got arrested.

Like a lot of cities, Seattle had a shiny new Hellmouth, and they needed every last body—warm or cold—to get it under control. These were Vi’s old stomping grounds, so she took point.

Geoff walked beside her, a shade too easy in the urban night to be as harmless as he looked.

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