Kevin Walker's Wedding Night
Kevin Walker's Wedding Night kevin walker stories

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Kevin Walker's Wedding Night

"Where were you?"

Kevin's lips twisted a little in a bitter smile.

Scotty had all the right to be fuming, being abandoned on his wedding night, but there he was, lying on their bed,

his swank black satin robe contrasting with the white of the new Egyptian cotton sheets, asking sweetly where his man had been.

"I'm sorry," he said, standing be the door, a little unsure if he was meant to spend the night on the couch in punishment or if he was welcome to the bed and Scotty's arms.

"I had to talk to Sarah."

"You have a cell, you know," Scotty chided. He stretched languorously, the robe opening a little at the chest and letting a shapely knee show. "Come here," he said patting the bed.

"Tell me what was it so important that it couldn't wait."

Kevin walked to the bed, shedding his jacket on the way and unbuttoning his shirt. He sat on his side, a bended knee on the bed, the other foot still resting on the floor.

"Tomorrow?" he pleaded. "I'd rather not think of that again tonight..."

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